Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Forgotten dresses

I have a lot of dresses in my wardrobe (over a hundred at the last count!) and I am only too keen for friends to borrow them and actually wear them. Since becoming a mum, my opportunities for putting on a dress and dancing are not as frequent as they used to be (please do not read this as necessarily being a bad thing!) and as a consequence lots of my pretty clothes are left just hanging sadly on their coathangers, waiting for someone to come and take them out!

A few weeks ago a friend came over and I encouraged much rifling through my wardrobe to find a dress for her to wear for a wedding. She tried on lots of my dresses and this, inevitably, led to me rediscovering a few old favourites that I haven't actually worn in some cases for years. This pink 1950s dress is a case in point. Actually, until my friend tried it on and took it home with her, I don't think I have ever worn it. I think, but am not completely sure, that I bought it from one of the 'Affordable Vintage Fairs' at Leeds University in about 2007, which was the peak of my vintage dress buying era! Does it not strike you as being like the sort of thing Betty Draper would wear in one of the early episodes of Mad Men. There's a cut-out bit at the back which is a really nice detail. It's made out of fabric which is quite thick so the skirt stays quite stiff which really gives it that 50s look. It's handmade by the looks of it too.

It finally got its first outing on Sunday when we went to the christening of one of our little girl's friends from swimming. It was a gorgeous, hot, sunny June day. I'm also wearing a vintage 3-string necklace which is coral and orange but unfortunately it's tucked into the neck of the dress on the main photo and I didn't realise until I downloaded the photos.

pink 1950s dress: The Affordable Vintage Fair (http://www.vintagefair.co.uk/) about £12 if I remember correctly!
coral and orange necklace: charity shop find many years ago, probably cost about £1
suede gladiator sandals: New Look
white beaded handbag: Accessorize
pink resin ring: Dinosaur Designs (gift)


  1. wow, that dress is amazing! love the back detail

  2. I think this may be my favourite colour for clothes. Lovely Px