Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Why SL!

I've always been a big, big fan of rummaging for bargains - be that in charity shops, vintage shops, those masquerading as 'posh' ladies' dress agencies, at jumble sales, fleamarkets, on ebay - you name it! I love the idea that clothes have a history, that someone chose and wore that dress or jacket before me, that someone loved it and had fun in it. I also love a bargain, and that feeling of having discovered something fantastic for just a few pounds.

The past two years have been kind of crazy for me: I took a career break from my job, went travelling, lived in Australia for a few months, came back to the UK, had a baby, took 9 months' maternity leave and moved house 5 times (yes really). Now things are just starting to settle and I'm back working part time. Having bought a family house, decreased my income along with the recession we're all currently enduring I'm finding that my love for second hand shopping is growing even stronger! I'm lucky enough to live in a great part of Leeds which has some fantastic charity shops and vintage fairs. I've set myself the challenge of wearing something second hand every day and posting about it on this blog.

So this gets me to today's entry. I found this jacket last week while browsing the charity shops of Headingley having spent the morning at playgroup and lunch with a friend and her little boy. Headingley is jam-packed with charity shops and is the place to go for a happy couple of hours' bargain hunting. It was on the expensive side for a charity shop - £15 - but it's YSL and I simply could not resist! Who could? Perfect size, silk and cashmere mix, peacoat style in navy blue with brown wooden buttons. Wow! It's really versatile and it's definitely my Autumn coat of choice at the moment. I wore it today for a perfect Autumn morning walk with my daughter, a messy morning at playgroup and a long leisurely lunch with some friends at Salvo's Salumeria (yum!).

So today's outfit:
YSL silk and cashmere mix jacket - British Heart Foundation, Headingley
tan leather belt - present from an aunt when I was about 12
denim shorts - Witchery, Sydney
Breton top - Armoir Luxe
leopard print scarf - Magic Number 3, Saltaire
boots - Dune

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