Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tiger feet

This blog has been very coat-focused so far - must be the weather. Today has been all about the fur coat (fake of course!). I bought this one last winter from a charity shop in Shipley on one of my many, many walks while trying to get my reluctant, nap-dodging baby to sleep during the hazy newborn months. Normally, fur coats that I come across in op shops are huge but this one fit really well so I couldn't resist. I haven't worn it that much yet but I have a feeling it's going to be pretty useful this winter. I think it was about £12 - a total bargain!

I read an article recently which stated that there is no such thing as too much when it comes to leopard print and it certainly seems to be having a moment right now. Fake fur coats have been pretty much everywhere for the last couple of years and it's making me regret selling a fantastic vintage leopard print one on ebay that I bought when I was 16 and which I wore for my school's speech day in what I thought at the time to be a pretty big act of rebellion! I must bear that in mind when I berate myself for accumulating so much in my wardrobe.

My dress is also second hand today - it's a wool jumper dress and I bought it for £4 from the Wellfair shop in Moortown which is one of my favourite charity shops. I always find fab clothes in there which makes me think there must be a lot of ladies changing their wardrobes every season. It must be the only charity shop which has a window display in which the clothes are already sold within hours of them going up on the mannequins. The tiger print ballet pumps were, I confess, a Primark find.

fake fur coat - £12, charity shop, Shipley
charcoal jumper dress - £4, the Wellfair shop, Moortown
jeans - Gap
ballet pumps - Primark

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