Monday, 4 July 2011

Clearing out the clutter

We've now been in our current house for over a year, which finally makes it the place that we've lived in the longest since going travelling in 2008. We're actually putting down roots. I still spend far longer than I should checking out other houses on RightMove, even though we've promised that this is it, whatever the problems with the house, no matter that with its anaglypta wallpaper and cream carpets it's not our dream house, we're committing to it and making it our home. We've now got to the point at which we're starting to decorate, which is very, very exciting. What's most exciting of all is that we're planning to have our bedroom finished by the end of the summer (we're giving ourselves very reachable targets). I've chosen the wallpaper (Marimekko whose prints I love so much - check it out here: and the next step is to strip the walls and get them plastered. 

I recently re-discovered this silk blazer in a bag of clothes when emptying out the clutter from our spare bedroom in preparation for decorating. I bought it four years ago for £4 from a charity shop in Headingley. The night before, I'd gone out with a group of girls from work and after champagne cocktails, a few bars and two night clubs, the night had ended about 3am with us staying over at a friend's house in Leeds as at the time we were living in Saltaire and had missed the last train by a long way. It reminds me of a time gone by when spontaneous nights out after work were possible and frequent! Now I still see the same group of girls but it's more about coffees, playgroups and trips to the park.

It's definitely French, but I haven't heard of the brand. I love the colours: grey with pink piping round the outside which makes me think of old school blazers. There are also little pink covered silk buttons on each sleeve. Blazers, jeans and Breton tops are some of my favourite things to wear. 

grey silk blazer: Martin House, Headingley
Breton top: ASOS
jeans: Topshop
suede gladiator sandals: New Look
watch: Triwa
bird earrings: Topshop
bumblebee necklace: Alex Monroe
pink resin ring: Dinosaur Designs


  1. I love that you're wearing your DD ring! Love this outfit too.
    I've been meaning to get a canvas made in that fabric for about 3 years now - a large one, but in a different colour. so funny!

  2. I always wear it! It goes with all my clothes. Love it.